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Invest in Pet Welfare

Invest in a portfolio to protect, feed, and keep your pets, and all other animals, safe.

“We need, in a special way, to work twice as hard to help people understand that the animals are fellow creatures, that we must protect them and love them as we love ourselves.”

- Cesar Chavez


None of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals specifically target the welfare of animals. However, at FLIT we strongly believe that the welfare of our pets is one of the key challenges that are impacting our generations. Over the last decade the way we treat and think about our pets has drastically changed. Animals have become part of the family and their health and happiness are just as important as our own.

More Pets than Children

Infographic showing two circles. A large green circle stating that 85 million homes in the U.S. have pets and a smaller purple circle stating that 34 million homes have kids.

Inadequate Pet Healthcare Services

Infographic states that it is estimated that more than  billion was spent on vet care in 2021, which is the equivalent to Amazon's advertising revenue in 2021.

Unaffordable Insurance and Poor Coverage

An infographic showing a horizontal bar chart illustrating that 43% of people ages 18-34, 36% of ages 35-54, and 31% of ages 55+ would take on debt to pay a vet bill. This translates into 37% of the overall population in the U.S.

Quality Pet Food is Expensive

Infographic showing three dog bowls with price tags on top of them from cheapest to most expensive with text that states the over 45% of dog & cat food sales in 2020 were for premium products.

Investing in Pet Welfare with FLIT

Why Invest in the Pet Care Industry?

The pet care industry is serving the needs of the increasing number of pet owners with continued innovation. The global pet care industry is expected to grow by around $120 billion and will reach $350 billion in 2027. The industry has grown steadily every year since 2001, even withstanding recessions (the Great Recession, COVID-19 pandemic). This is due to pet owners prioritizing their pets’ needs even in times of crisis. The pet care industry spans veterinary pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, product distributors and services, manufacturers of pet food and pet supplies, and pet supply retailers. There are clear structural growth drivers behind each pet care sector – including premiumization of products and the humanization of pets.

Impact Metrics

Impact targets are best achieved with plans, metrics, and achievement dates to allow the companies’ performance to be tracked. FLIT is here to help you invest your resources into companies that are actually contributing to pet welfare solutions. We track specific impact metrics as well as each company’s contribution to the UN SDGs by analyzing their business model, products, and services.

Portfolio Spotlight

Freshpet, Inc. manufactures and markets natural fresh meals and treats for cats and dogs in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Freshpet products are sourced locally with 100% real and all-natural ingredients. The company aims to change the industry through positive innovation that is good for pets, pet parents and the planet all at the same time. It serves around 1 million pet owners globally.

Freshpet company logo

Benefits of Expert Curation

Our team at FLIT has researched hundreds of investment funds and companies, and we have curated a portfolio that we believe targets pet welfare across various industries. These companies cover veterinary pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, product distributors and services, manufacturers of pet food and pet supplies, and pet supply retailers – each service or product helps to advance the welfare of animals. We provide users with transparent data on the sustainability practices of each company to ensure an investment aligns with your values. We strongly believe that this approach to investment is essential for our future and profitable.

Pet Care Solutions Beyond Investing

What actions can you take to improve pet care?

  • Adopt don’t shop to save lives
  • Research and select a pet insurance with good coverage
  • Buy sustainable and high-quality pet food
  • Commit to your pet’s annual check-up at your vet
  • Invest in companies that are working to further improve the quality of life of our pets

How can we drive systemic change?

  • Create beneficial policies and operational environment for veterinary practices
  • Research and develop pet healthcare innovation
  • Improve regulation for pet food quality

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