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Invest in Green Energy

Invest in a portfolio to help transition to renewable energy sources by reducing greenhouse gas emissions through clean energy production.

“If aliens did visit us, I'd be embarrassed to tell them we still dig up fossil fuels from the ground as a source of energy.”

- Neil deGrasse Tyson


Energy comes from a variety of sources which can be categorized as renewable and non-renewable. Non-renewable energy sources are mined or extracted from Earth and have a limited supply, so they cannot be replenished for millions of years once they run out. One of the non-renewable energy sources is fossil fuels, which heavily contribute to the climate crisis emitting significant amount of greenhouse gases when burned. Fossil fuels are utilized in numerous ways, including in various industrial process, transportation and burned for energy. The combustion of fossil fuels also releases air pollutants that harm the environment and human health.

Renewable energy sources (also called clean energy sources) are naturally replenished, and in general, their supply is unlimited. Significant of renewable energy sources include wind, solar, hydro, geothermal and biomass. Their carbon footprint is minimal and, in general, much better for the environment. The transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources is widely considered one of the main solutions to mitigate the climate crisis.

Climate Crisis

Infographic illustrates global greenhouse gas emissions by sector in circles proportionate to their emission level. From the largest circle to the lowest, the emissions are as follow. Electricity and heat production with 25%, Agriculture, forestry and other land use with 24%, Industry with 21%, Transportation with 14%, Buildings with 6% and Other energy with 10%.

Lack of Access to Electricity

Infographic is divided into two equal sections from left to right. The first section depicts the Earth with a caption stating that about 10% of the global population lacked access to electricity in 2019. This is an improvement from 17% in 2010. The second section depicts the continent of Africa filled in a little over half with a caption stating that about 57% of the African population lacked access to electricity in 2019. There is a strong correlation between access to electricity and employment in the region.

Lack of Renewable Energy Infrastructure

An infographic that highlights the primary sources of energy consumption in the United States in a pie chart. It illustrates that renewable energy represents 12% compared to 35% in petroleum, 34% in natural gas, 10% in coal, and 9% in nuclear.

Net Zero Investment Gap

Infographic highlighting the clean energy investment gap with a vertical bar chart with two bars. The first, smaller bar shows a little above  alt=

Investing in Renewable Energy with FLIT

Why Invest in Green Energy?

Over recent years there has been an investment shift away from fossil fuels to green energy. This is not only driven by public demand for a lower carbon footprint, but also by declining costs of renewable energy technology, innovations in electric battery capabilities, governmental policy shifts. Over the long-term, we believe favorable changes in public opinion and economic fundamentals are likely to further benefit the industry. The size of the green energy market is estimated to reach $2 trillion by 2025 and has the potential to meet 80% of all energy demand growth over the next 10 years.

Impact Metrics

The SDG #7 Affordable and Clean Energy aims to ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all. We track specific metrics to measure and manage the impact of clean energy companies. FLIT is here to help you invest your resources into companies that are actually making a difference.

Portfolio Spotlight

Plug Power Inc. (PLUG) has been the first to commercialize hydrogen fuel cell technologies. It has over 150 patents and provides hydrogen solutions for the mobility, material handling, and stationary power markets. The Company has deployed over 50,000 fuel cell systems for e-mobility, more than anyone else in the world, and has become the largest buyer of liquid hydrogen, having built and operated a hydrogen highway across North America. It has a strategic partnership with Airbus to decarbonize air travel and airport operations with green hydrogen; and Fortescue Future Industries to manufacture electrolyzer technology in Australia.

Benefits of Expert Curation

Our team at FLIT has researched hundreds of investment funds and companies, and we have curated a portfolio that we believe will help the transition to renewable energy sources. The selected companies are engaged in manufacturing, development, distribution, and installation of emerging clean-energy technologies including, solar photovoltaics, wind power, advanced batteries, fuel cells, and electric vehicles. We provide users with transparent data on the sustainability practices of each company to ensure an investment aligns with your values. We strongly believe that this approach to investment is essential for our future and profitable.

Clean Energy Solutions Beyond Investing

How can you support the transition to renewable energy?

  • Calculate your carbon footprint and reduce your demand for fossil fuels
  • Be conscious about your energy consumption – unplug and switch off your electricals when not in use and upgrade your appliances
  • Switch to a renewable electricity provider
  • Check if your bank is a leading fossil fuel financer and switch to a better one
  • See how you can support NGOs and other initiatives that put pressure on politicians. Support politicians who support a green agenda
  • Review your investment portfolio and divest fossil fuel companies and invest in clean energy

How can we drive systemic change?

  • Subsidize renewable energy
  • Transition away from fossil fuels
  • Build renewable energy capacity
  • Stop financing and insuring fossil fuel projects

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