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Invest in Clean Water

Invest in a portfolio to increase access to clean drinking water and sanitation.

“We never know the worth of water until the well is dry.”

- Thomas Fuller


NASA has deemed the global water crisis to be the environmental challenge of this century. Despite covering most of the Earth’s surface, only 0.007% of water is accessible and suitable for human consumption. As populations increase and fresh water becomes scarcer, it will inevitably become a highly sought-after resource and one that we globally depend on.

Poor Access

Infographic highlighting two statistics by the WHO. Statistic 1: At least 25% of the global population lacked access to safely managed drinking water in 2020. Statistic 2: Almost 50% did not have access to safely managed sanitation services in 2020.

Global Displacement

Infographic: 200 million people are expected to be displaced by 2050 globally, which is equal to the population of Brazil.

Fast Fashion

Infographic: One outfit uses 5,283 gallons of water.


Infographic: 50% of global grain production could be at risk by 2050, according to the UN. This is just one of the crops that will be affected.

Investing in Clean Water with FLIT

Why Invest in Clean Water?​

The global water crisis has already been one of the biggest global sustainability challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic has driven the global demand for sanitation and hygiene and further exposed international inequalities. As the global population continues to increase, more advanced water infrastructure and sanitation facilities will be required.

Further investments from large investors will be required to close the funding gap to reach SDG 6, Clean Water and Sanitation, a major global goal outlined by the United Nations. Market trends indicate that the demand for clean water and investments in the sector will continue to increase, which in our view, presents an attractive investment opportunity from both financial and impact perspectives.

Impact Metrics

There are many standards approaches to solving the water crisis. Across all these approaches is the common commitment to UN SDG #6 to ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all. Impact targets are best achieved with plans, metrics, and achievement dates to allow the clean water mission to be tracked. FLIT is here to help you invest your resources into companies pledging to solve the water crisis and actually doing it.

Portfolio Spotlight

TETRA TECH. Tetra Tech utilizes engineering to craft solutions to the water crisis. They provide engineering and consulting services to governments, commercial clients and industries to promote water security and environmental restoration. Their projects range from water resilience in the U.S. Sunbelt to water resource management in Tanzania. Across their operations more than 460 megaliters of water are delivered per day, they have provided 1.29 million people with basic sanitation services and 520,000 people with basic water services in 2021.

Benefits of Expert Curation

Our team at FLIT has researched hundreds of investment funds and companies, and we have curated a portfolio that we believe targets the water crisis in multiple sectors. These funds and companies sit in utilities, technology, chemicals and more – each service or product helps to advance the clean water goals. We provide users with transparent data on the sustainability practices of each company to ensure an investment aligns with your values. We strongly believe that this approach to investment is essential for our future and profitable.

Clean Water Solutions Beyond Investing​

What can you do to improve access to clean water?

  • Educate yourself and others on the global water crisis
  • Calculate your water footprint and reduce your water waste
  • Ditch fast fashion
  • Reduce the meat in your diet or go vegetarian/vegan
  • Donate, support, or volunteer for a nonprofit organization advocating for change. Check out for example: Thirst Project
  • Champion for-profit companies that are tackling the water crisis. Buy their products or use their services, work for them, and invest in them

How can we drive systemic change?

  • Increase government and industry cooperation to support water infrastructure
  • Expand international cooperation to support developing countries with WASH programs
  • Reduce water wastage by increasing efficiency of processes that rely on freshwater like agriculture, fashion and technology

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