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Medic Partners With FLIT Invest To Tackle Health Inequity

Health equity is a cornerstone of universal health coverage – a world where everyone has access to the right health services when and where they need them, without financial hardship. Addressing health inequity requires strengthening health systems. It calls on us – to redesign care delivery models to reach communities who have been marginalized – and we cannot do this alone. To achieve affordable and equitable care for all, it will take a global movement and collaboration of players to come together and provide resources and technical expertise that will advance this vision of fair access to healthcare. Medic and FLIT Invest share this joint vision and are working together to create lasting change. 

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Medic serves as technical steward and core contributor of the Community Health Toolkit (CHT), a global public good that supports health workers as they deliver care in reimagined health systems. The CHT includes a collection of open-source software frameworks and applications, with resources to help partners design and deploy digital tools (“apps”) for care teams.

Medic partners with local and national governments, implementers, public and private technology partners, researchers, and local communities to develop people-focused, sustainable solutions that meet health, wellbeing, and development needs. 

Investing in public goods and their stewards, such as Medic and the CHT, is an important opportunity to scale digital health around the world. It may be the only path to local ownership and financial sustainability in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs). FLIT Invest offers an Affordable Healthcare theme that allows users to make a measurable positive impact on health equity. The theme’s fund focuses on U.S. services, but with this partnership with Medic, users can double down on their impact by making a direct donation to Medic and unlock global health advancement.

Medic envisions a world in which health workers are supported, trained, supervised, paid, and equipped with well-designed technology as they provide timely, high-quality, equitable, and affordable care for their communities. This partnership will help raise awareness about healthcare issues on a global scale and the solutions that organizations like Medic are building. 

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“At Medic, we believe if health systems adopt community health information systems for care delivery that are human-centered, locally owned, open-source, and interoperable, then digitally equipped community health workers, caregivers, and individuals are supported and empowered to advance universal health coverage and improve health outcomes in their communities. We’re thrilled to stand in solidarity with FLIT Invest, and welcome all FLIT Invest clients to join the global movement to advance health equity for all.”

Dr. Krishna Jafa, CEO of Medic
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“We're proud to partner with Medic for global health equity, as affordable healthcare is not an issue isolated to developed markets. Our partnership allows us to support an organization that expands access to quality healthcare in emerging economies. FLIT Invest clients can double down on their impact by supplementing their investments in our Affordable Healthcare theme by directly donating to Medic. The digitization of healthcare will be the primary driver to advance health for all in the coming decade. Medic's stewardship of open-source, low-cost software accelerates this vision.”

Alejandro Fritz, CFA, CEO & Co-Founder of FLIT Invest

About Medic 

Medic is a 501(c)(3) public charity founded in 2010 to advance equitable care and strengthen community health systems by building, innovating, applying, and scaling open-source, low-cost digital tools in collaboration with local, regional, and global partners. Tools created by Medic and its partners are actively used in 15 countries, supporting nearly 40,000 health workers who have collectively provided 85 million moments of care. The Medic team is represented by 90+ full-time software developers, technical leads, designers, project managers, data scientists, clinicians, and researchers distributed across six continents, with hubs in Kathmandu, Nairobi, Kampala, and Dakar. 

About FLIT Invest 

FLIT Invest is an automated impact investing app that allows users to align their investments with their values without sacrificing returns. Users can rank the causes they care about, such as Climate Solutions, Affordable Healthcare, or Gender Equality, and exclude the industries they don’t agree with, such as fossil fuels, deforestation, or private prisons. FLIT Invest creates and manages a personalized portfolio where users can grow their wealth guilt-free. Users can reach their financial goals and track their investment portfolio’s impact. FLIT Invest is on a mission to enable everyone to generate measurable environmental and social impact alongside a financial return. 

To learn more about Medic’s work and how to support them you can check out their socials @medicmobile or go straight to their website!

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