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Invest in Affordable Healthcare

Invest in a portfolio to increase access to affordable healthcare for all.

“Insurance is not just supposed to get you access to care; it’s supposed to keep you from getting evicted from your apartment because you paid your hospital bill instead of your rent.”

- Katherine Baicker


Health is a fundamental human right. Unaffordable and inaccessible healthcare presents as a barrier to this right on a national and international scale. In the U.S. the affordability of healthcare is a widely felt issue as the nation struggles with mental illness, reproductive rights and social inequity. The impacts of unaffordable healthcare have strong intersections with race and gender and is a manifestation of systemic oppression.

Racial Inequality and the Uninsured

Infographic depicting two groups of people. The first group of people has a text associated with it that highlights that only 9% of Americans did not have health insurance in 2020. This equates to 28 million uninsured people. The second group of people has a text associated with it that highlights that approximately 20% of Hispanic Americans were uninsured in 2020, more than 2x the average, while Black Americans are also uninsured at higher rates than the national average.

Gender Disparity in Medicine

An infographic shows hundreds of stars representing each law passed since 2021 that has restricted abortion. The title of the graphic states that Nearly 500 laws restricting abortion have been passed by U.S. states since 2011.

Accessibility of Mental Health Care

Infographic depicts a brain filled in almost half with the title that only 45% of adults with mental illnesses receive mental health treatment. 51 million adults in the U.S. live with some form of mental illness.

Affordability of Insurance, Bills and Prescriptions

Horizontal bar chart with 4 bars filled up titled "Unexpected medical bills are ranked 2nd in top living anxieties. The first bar represents Gas or transportation, as number 1 filled up to 71%. The second bar represents Unexpected medical bills as number 2 filled up to 58%. The third bar represents Monthly utilities as number 3 filled up to 50%. The fourth bar represents Food as number 4 filled up to 47%.

Investing in Affordable Healthcare with FLIT

Why Invest in Affordable Healthcare?

The managed care industry is best positioned to effectively temper runaway health care spending in partnership with the U.S. Government and drive structural changes to the existing delivery system in America. Value-Based Care brought significant changes to the industry putting the focus on quality of care and is driven by advancements in technology and analytics which enabled providers to move towards whole-person care. Significant changes in consumer behavior (such as telemedicine) are driving tech enabled players’ revenues. Patients increasingly favor providers offering greater convenience, high quality service and lower costs.

Impact Metrics

There are many standards in achieving affordable healthcare, primarily the SDG #3 Good Health and Well-being and #10 Reducing Inequalities. We track specific impact metrics as well as each company’s contribution to the UN SDGs by analyzing their business model, products, and services.

Portfolio Spotlight

Oak Street Health (OSH). OSH’s mission is to build a primary care delivery platform for Medicare beneficiaries that addresses two key issues: rising costs and poor quality of healthcare. They advocate preventative care, compassionate patient-doctor relationships and insurance education. OSH services have cared for over 150,000 patients across 20 states; approximately half of their patients are BIPOC. On top of this, the company ranks in the top 10 of Russell 1000 companies for racial justice and second best for healthcare specifically by our analysis.

Oak St. Health Logo

Benefits of Expert Curation

Our team at FLIT has researched hundreds of investment funds and companies, and we have curated a portfolio that we believe targets affordable healthcare. These companies cover managed care, value-based care, drug retail and distributors, dental distributors, tech-enabled providers, and facilities – each service or product helps to advance affordable healthcare. We provide users with transparent data on the sustainability practices of each company to ensure an investment aligns with your values. We strongly believe that this approach to investment is essential for our future and profitable.

Affordable Healthcare Solutions Beyond Investing

What can you do to be an advocate for affordable healthcare?

  • Check your eligibility for a public plan to insure you and your loved ones.
  • Complement with private insurance if accessible.
  • Vote for candidates who commit to affordable healthcare and show it.
  • Advocate for change – show up and turn out for healthcare issues related to race, gender, labor unions, and more.
  • Donate, support, or volunteer for nonprofit organizations. advocating for change. Check out for example Medic Mobile and National Women’s Law Centre.
  • Champion for-profit companies addressing gender/race bias in medicine or contributing to the affordability of healthcare. Buy their products, use their services, work for them, and invest in them.

How can we drive systemic change?

  • Reform private and public insurance to be affordable and with wide coverage
  • Implement national policies and infrastructure to ensure affordable healthcare like the Affordable Care Act and the Prescription Drug Legislation
  • Invest in technology and modernization of new healthcare delivery models such as telehealth communications
  • Regulate national mental illness care and coverage in paid sick leave

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